Sawyer Hollenshead is a senior designer and frontend developer interested in researching, prototyping, designing, and building practical, purpose-driven digital services. He is now at Nava, building government services that are simple, effective, and accessible to all.

Currently, Sawyer is working with the state of Vermont to make it easier for Vermonters submitting benefits eligibility documents and the staff who help them.

Before that, Sawyer worked on a new version of the complex eligibility application on, part of an oftentimes deeply personal process, one that will determine how millions of Americans care for themselves and their family. As part of that work, Sawyer worked with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to create a modern design system, which is now being adopted by,, and other agency sites.

Prior to joining Nava, Sawyer was a Partner at Oak Studios, where he led product design and development of Dropmark and Siteleaf, and worked with clients like Facebook, Spotify, CreativeMornings, and NYU.