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The toolbox

These are things I use on a daily basis. Last updated on November 1, 2013

CSS and JS

SASS - Brings variables, mixins, and functions to your CSS. You won't write plain CSS again after using SASS

SASS Mixins - A collection of SASS mixins that I use on every site I build. Takes away the pain of browser prefixes and responsive design.

CSS Triangle Generator

Animate CSS - A collection of cross-browser CSS animations

FitVids.js - Responsive videos

Picturefill - A Responsive Images approach that you can use today that mimics the proposed picture element.

jQuery Autosize - A plugin to automatically adjust textarea height.

Select2 - jQuery plugin I use for things like tag input fields where a tag is turned into a deletable object.

Chosen - Searchable select elements

Dropzone.js - Drag and drop file uploads

Validate.js - Form validation made easy.

Vanilla JS Cheatsheet

jQuery Waypoints - Easy way to make sticky elements

CoffeeScript - An easier way to write JS.

Js2coffee - Useful when you need to convert JS to CoffeeScript

Apps and add-ons

Sublime Text - Code editor of choice, using the Solarized Dark color scheme.

Emmet - AKA "Zen Coding". Sublime Text plugin. I use it mostly for the CSS Abbreviations.

Sublime Linter - Another handy Sublime Text plugin that lints all the codes.

ImageOptim - Optimizes the hell out of images.

SVGO GUI - Optimizes the hell out of SVG assets.

Anvil - Easily setup .dev URLs for local development

Hammer - I usually use this at the very beginning of a project, before a proper backend has been implemented. Useful for auto compiling SASS and CoffeeScript, and adds the ability to have HTML includes and variables.

GitHub for Mac - Because fuck the command line.

Tweetbot - Mac Twitter client

Clear - I don't make many lists, but when I do, I like the lightweightness of Clear and its ability to sync with their iPhone app.

Flint - I'm in Campfire all day at Oak. Flint makes Campfire not suck.

Alfred - Useful as an app finder, calculator, and snippet repo (and probably a bunch of other things I don't know about).

Flux - Adjusts the color of your computer's display to adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Impossible for me to use when designing though.

Fantastical - Calendar app

TVShows 2 - Automatically downloads the latest episodes of shows I subscribe to.


Spotify - I listen to music all day, every day. Spotify seems to have more hip-hop fans to follow, so I've switched over from Rdio.

Typekit - Because Helvetica and Georgia are so 10 years ago.

Dropbox - Because losing shit sucks.

Gazette - Subscribe to sites you enjoy to read and receive an ebook each Friday. I can finally highlight web content. Made by Oak.

Symbolset - Icon fonts, perfect for speed and retina ready. Made by Oak.

Siteleaf - CMS of choice for this site and all future sites. Made by Oak.

Dropmark - Where I save all of the cool shit I find on the web. Made by Oak.


MacBook Air - Easy to carry around the city and powerful enough to design and code on.

Magic Charger - Apple Magic Mouse wireless charger.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones - I have no idea how people wear on-ear headphones. These are around-ear and noise cancelling. Super comfortable and blocks out any distractions.

Purell - Because subway.