Sawyer Hollenshead is a senior designer & frontend developer at Nava, building government services that are simple, effective, and accessible to all. I'm interested in researching, prototyping, designing, and building practical, purpose-driven digital services.

With a range of creative, technical, and product skills, I'm capable of working seamlessly across functions to collaborate, plan, execute, and deliver. Ambiguous, unbounded problems excite me. I enjoy exploring deeply, applying systems-level thinking to complex problems, and arriving at elegant, comprehensive, and inclusive solutions.

Recent work

System architecture diagram

Building upon experience working on and the CMS Design System, I'm now serving as the Integrated Benefits tech lead, working with the state of Vermont to make it easier for Vermonters submitting benefits eligibility documents and the staff who help them.

Technical responsibilities

  • Building a single-page application using Node.js and React.
  • Architecting an Azure cloud infrastructure using an "infrastructure as code" approach with Terraform.
  • Technical planning and roadmapping, identifying technical risks and collaborating with State of Vermont stakeholders and partners.
Task list design pattern on

Worked with the design team to research, design, and deliver an improved eligibility application for millions of Americans seeking health coverage. Unraveled policy requirements, collaborated within a complex multi-stakeholder environment, created foundational design patterns to be used across the entire site, and collaborated with the engineering team.

Design successes

Providing help and guidance to applicants Breaking a complex form into digestible chunks Form design approaches for downstream effects & nonlinear navigation